Our Grand Canyon Helicopter Sunset Tour (inc. GoPro video!)

http://whidbeywritersgroup.com/ecwd_calendar/calendar-1/?date=1842-2-19 One of the main reasons I was excited to come to Las Vegas was to see the Grand Canyon, my first natural wonder of the world! We spent quite some time researching different packages and tour operators and decided to go with Sundance. Rob was particularly keen for a sunset tour because you fly back

Loving the Los Angeles Beach vibe

Santa Monica After fighting through the traffic in Santa Monica for over an hour, we finally made it to the beach! I couldn’t believe the size of the LA beaches; they stretch for miles and are so wide! We came late afternoon, so the beach itself was quiet quite, but the promenade was another matter!

Trekking up Runyon Canyon in a dress (epic traveller fail!)

**Disclosure: Make sure you’re well prepared if you decide to go trekking in Los Angeles; taking water and sensible clothing/footwear would be a good start! To my defence… this wasn’t on the itinerary!** Whilst driving around the Hollywood hills, we spotted some people on a hill in the distance and with one click on the

Flying First Class to New York City!

There is no way I could normally afford a First Class ticket to New York, but after months of saving BA air miles, we finally had enough. We travelled out first class and business on the way home. Our flights set us back around 120,000 air miles on a 2-for-1 voucher and still cost £500pp