Swimming in Kakaban island’s stingless jellyfish lake!

can i buy antabuse online We weren’t only excited to go to Kakaban for the incredible diving; this island also boasts one of the world’s most unique safety stops; the stingless jellyfish lake. After battling through the rain for an hour we made it to the magnificent Kakaban island. Despite the choppy seas, our first dive here was absolutely incredible

Scuba diving Komodo National Park, Flores

click Rated one of the top dive spots in the world; with some of the best corals and marine life, we were so excited to dive Komodo. Having recently dived in the Gili islands and Nusa Lembongan, we were already sold on the amazing quality of Indonesian diving slightly but slightly worried that we were not

Bali and Lombok 2014 video

We had an amazing holiday in Indonesia, working our way from Bali to the Gili islands and Lombok, before returning to Ubud in Bali. All footage is captured on a GoPro 3+; starting in Seminyak (Bali) with the release of a baby turtle and then scuba diving with more turtles around the Gili islands! We

Snorkelling in Aow Leuk Bay

casodex 100mg 7767 Aow Leuk Bay is highly recommended for snorkelling and it did not disappoint! We were a bit concerned after reading about a machete-yielding man on Tripadvisor so were careful not to take ANY of our own food or drink (as this was what had appeared to upset him!) We travelled via taxi after deliberating mopeds because