Loving the Los Angeles Beach vibe

Santa Monica After fighting through the traffic in Santa Monica for over an hour, we finally made it to the beach! I couldn’t believe the size of the LA beaches; they stretch for miles and are so wide! We came late afternoon, so the beach itself was quiet quite, but the promenade was another matter!

Komodo dragon trekking

Being one of the only known places left on the planet with Komodo dragons, we couldn’t leave Komodo National park without visiting Rinca island to see these prehistoric predators for ourselves. After an hour boat trip from our location in Walocka Bay we reached Rinca island. There are also dragons to be found on Komodo island itself, but as

Scuba diving Komodo National Park, Flores

Rated one of the top dive spots in the world; with some of the best corals and marine life, we were so excited to dive Komodo. Having recently dived in the Gili islands and Nusa Lembongan, we were already sold on the amazing quality of Indonesian diving slightly but slightly worried that we were not

Flying First Class to New York City!

There is no way I could normally afford a First Class ticket to New York, but after months of saving BA air miles, we finally had enough. We travelled out first class and business on the way home. Our flights set us back around 120,000 air miles on a 2-for-1 voucher and still cost £500pp

Pick your own pumpkin farm, Dorset!

This half term I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a good old staycation in England. Spending my half term in the South West has helped me appreciate the change in season so much more than I normally would. This year the weather has stayed so warm and sunny which has made Autumn appear even more beautiful! Along with making the